May 17, 2011


17 MAY 2011

I didn't know that I actually have this blog, oh my ;) I know I didn't update this blog quite a long time, so today I decided to write something about my self and what happened within the last post I wrote till today, the last one is I was telling you guys that how suck the break up was. Well I can say that was like the saddest chapter in my life and you know what? I'll never knew I can handle that kind of situation if I didn't go thru it, thank God that everything went fine and the great news is we are back together, Alhamdulillah.
Well, enough about the last post <3

Let's talk about university, my study. Well I have decide to change from Limkokwing University to The One Academy, I believe they can actually transform me from a normal person to the greatest designer, I hope so and this time I put an oath that I'll change and will try my best to achieve it.
Hurm, I think that just it.

p/s: live your life