September 5, 2011

Love is not something to be fear

California King Bed - Rihanna

Song I choose for this note that I'm going to write to people out there

Even Rihanna realize, that guys, when it come to get something, they start to create lies, sweet talk and etc etc.

but when it really is Love, we'll definitely know the different, between a lie and love, everything start to change and everything start to get better.

you feel special, you feel ... different

to those out there who are afraid of love, don't be because love is different than lies :)

love is wonderful, love is something that no one can ever say 'i hate love', it's not love that we hate, it's the betrayal, the lies, the bitter memories, the fight, the cheat, everything that make you feel pain when you're in love.

Love is not more than 4 alphabet that can cover everything in this life, sad, mad, happy, joy and etc ...

Love is something wonderful, love make you smile, love make you laugh, love make you cry, love make you so mad, everything is love.

A person without a love is just sad, lonely, life is not a life when there's no love to shine it

Even Adam have Eve, they have each other to live the world with

Don't lose love because of your ego, don't lose love because of your anger, don't lose love because you think lonely is better.

because at the end, you gonna be needing love to live with

lonely is sucks, yucks, because you know you're facing everything on your own, without no one to hold you, to even guide you to the right path

stop! stop making stupid decision because you think there's better out there because better person only show up once and only that time

don't lose a love when you already has one, don't be me ..

regret of losing is more painful than you lose it ...

start making wise decision, yes there's gonna be love out there but not as love that you love the most ..

keep it, hold it when you still have one ...

start to realize the love that always be by your side, when you in the most fucked up situation, the love still giving you a hand to hold on to ...

love is not more than 4 alphabet but love is the most greatest word ...

only love can make you feel different and complete ..


Cherish love when you still have it ...

love it, hold it, keep it ..

Still Single

September 5th, 2011

Yes I am single back, surprise? Don't be because it's normal, well, no complains, be happy ya? haha :D anyway talking about single, yah! I'm single for well 5 month now, but I'm happy the way I am today, simple life, no more headache, no more worries. It feels good, I have friends, so... I can live

p/s: Love is a one feeling that you can never trust, because at anytime it can leave you