October 31, 2011

Climbing Experience

Hello, I'm Eda incase you might forget, well life never been this better, enjoying my life to the max, today I wanna talk about climbing experience , well I've been doing it for 2 months now and guess what I lost weight, from 53 kg to 47 kg, impressive right? Some say I have the sexy body now, which I take it as a compliment, thanks. Ok, enough talking about me, so this is the story and how it begun, why I choose wall climbing? That I can't tell because maybe it's written by God that by this sport, I'll move forward thinking that everything gonna be ok, and to be honest, it does help me to forget and the other advantage I get from climbing are I'll stay fit, healthy and I can get to meet up with new people, friends and who knows one day lover perhaps, insya'Allah. Why I wanna share my experience with you guys, because it's great, it's good, it helps. I met few peoples who do climbing to forget his/her past, I met people with networking, I get to learn much more about life and I realize that I'm still young to be sad, or to say 'oh no! It's the end of my life' because it's not, I get to meet new people and better people every time climb, I wondered why this sport have not been established yet, because I see some potential talent in climbing that actually can bring up Malaysia's name to the world, I hope one day people realize that other than football, we still have talented people from other sport that can bring up Malaysia's name, I hope. wanna share with you guys few of my climbing pictures, hope you can join me on Sunday every week, see you guys there

September 5, 2011

Love is not something to be fear

California King Bed - Rihanna

Song I choose for this note that I'm going to write to people out there

Even Rihanna realize, that guys, when it come to get something, they start to create lies, sweet talk and etc etc.

but when it really is Love, we'll definitely know the different, between a lie and love, everything start to change and everything start to get better.

you feel special, you feel ... different

to those out there who are afraid of love, don't be because love is different than lies :)

love is wonderful, love is something that no one can ever say 'i hate love', it's not love that we hate, it's the betrayal, the lies, the bitter memories, the fight, the cheat, everything that make you feel pain when you're in love.

Love is not more than 4 alphabet that can cover everything in this life, sad, mad, happy, joy and etc ...

Love is something wonderful, love make you smile, love make you laugh, love make you cry, love make you so mad, everything is love.

A person without a love is just sad, lonely, life is not a life when there's no love to shine it

Even Adam have Eve, they have each other to live the world with

Don't lose love because of your ego, don't lose love because of your anger, don't lose love because you think lonely is better.

because at the end, you gonna be needing love to live with

lonely is sucks, yucks, because you know you're facing everything on your own, without no one to hold you, to even guide you to the right path

stop! stop making stupid decision because you think there's better out there because better person only show up once and only that time

don't lose a love when you already has one, don't be me ..

regret of losing is more painful than you lose it ...

start making wise decision, yes there's gonna be love out there but not as love that you love the most ..

keep it, hold it when you still have one ...

start to realize the love that always be by your side, when you in the most fucked up situation, the love still giving you a hand to hold on to ...

love is not more than 4 alphabet but love is the most greatest word ...

only love can make you feel different and complete ..


Cherish love when you still have it ...

love it, hold it, keep it ..

Still Single

September 5th, 2011

Yes I am single back, surprise? Don't be because it's normal, well, no complains, be happy ya? haha :D anyway talking about single, yah! I'm single for well 5 month now, but I'm happy the way I am today, simple life, no more headache, no more worries. It feels good, I have friends, so... I can live

p/s: Love is a one feeling that you can never trust, because at anytime it can leave you

May 17, 2011


17 MAY 2011

I didn't know that I actually have this blog, oh my ;) I know I didn't update this blog quite a long time, so today I decided to write something about my self and what happened within the last post I wrote till today, the last one is I was telling you guys that how suck the break up was. Well I can say that was like the saddest chapter in my life and you know what? I'll never knew I can handle that kind of situation if I didn't go thru it, thank God that everything went fine and the great news is we are back together, Alhamdulillah.
Well, enough about the last post <3

Let's talk about university, my study. Well I have decide to change from Limkokwing University to The One Academy, I believe they can actually transform me from a normal person to the greatest designer, I hope so and this time I put an oath that I'll change and will try my best to achieve it.
Hurm, I think that just it.

p/s: live your life

February 28, 2011

The day the REVENGE stood still

28 FEBRUARY 2011

Ignore the tittle, I just love how it sound, like the day the earth stood still, a lovely movie to me I guess, played by Keenu Reave as the lead actor.

Without you - Mariah Carey

Trust me, I can live without you now because I know you just not worth it to beg for. I already done it lots of time and yea I give up on you, you just a character in my life chapter and now I can just consider you die in a car accident or maybe I can tell the truth that you just left me, with only a reason that you stop loving me. Life is unpredictable, once you were there and now you just gone, you know what is the thing that left behind? Your memory, our memory which I love it because it is just a greatest thing of all I ever experienced in my life, if someone offer me to do memory erase by paying me 10 million, I can simply say no. I know deep, very deep and dark inside my heart I love you but love is not enough when you're not there to hold and I can say that I give up, I give up the time we had, the memories, just to live another day thinking that it's only just a dream that you are coming back because i know you are not. I still can say that I miss you, I miss your touch, I miss everything about you but missing you only gonna stop me moving forward. There's no day I didn't stop to look behind, to see whether you still catching up with me or it's just a day of your shadow. There's no day I stop thinking about I wish I can travel to the past and fix it all up, but too bad it's only one of my thinking. No matter what I do or say, I know you gonna stick to what you already decided and it will never change. I'll leave like what you always wanted, I know I didn't get to say good bye.

p/s: good bye the only love of my life

February 17, 2011

Suck up day

17 FEBRUARY 2011

Well, such not a good start today, really really fucked up day seriously. Taking my bath earlier and I accidentally cut my leg when I'm shaving it, and actually burn my nose when I'm trying to wear my sunglass where I put it on top of my car dashboard, where my car were parked on the site of the street where the sun stray in. blerghh! Drive all the way to Cyberjaya and all I got is ? ......

I'm so so tired! All I got today was people mad at me, me hurting me! Now being such a loser sitting alone, while trying to tell other people how sad my day is today.

Eating ice cream make me feel better, a while but now I'm like a volcano that can't never be explode! URGHH!! Why I can't explode? because peoples will think I'm such a bitch, where lately people keep on calling me that, am I that bitch?

text my friend, I only got "DISMISS", helping love one, I got "DON'T MENTION TO PEOPLE ANYTHING ABOUT ME", dad called and I got "WHY YOU ALWAYS OUT", mom called and I got SHE HANG UP ON ME!

please do tell me, how more suck my day can be, seriously.

now everyone DISMISS!

p/s: 17 feb, loser day for me!

January 23, 2011

S.U.N & S.A.T

23 JANUARY 2011

Sunday, full with surprises but I'm here not to talk about Sunday, I'm here to talk about Saturday :) because on Saturday, we're having BBQ, we a.k.a my family. Well basically yesterday our BBQ theme is beef and rain dear, I only ate beef. It's weird actually, usually I'm allergic to beef.

Now, Sunday, there's Tamil movie in Tv2, I cried watch the movie, so sad.

p/s: enjoy your time, while you can ;)

January 22, 2011


22 JANUARY 2011

Went for a midnight movie, watched this Khurafat movie. It was so freaking scary, the most scary movie ever with the unpredictable scene where the ghost suddenly appear in the picture. The main actor and actress is Shamsul yusof and Lyana Jasmay. It was a 7 rate star movie, not bad for Malay people in making first horror movie. It actually a moral value movie about Malay Cultural life, not all but some. So basically leave your homework, assignment and work, spend just one day to watch this movie. Support our film industry :)

Actually I'm here not to talk about the movie but I'm here to talk about my past. To my lovely love, I know you'll hate me if I talk about my past or your past but some say, past will never fade no matter how much time we take to forget about it. There will be some of the thing we do daily make us think about it because it used to happened before and you consider it as your biggest nightmare and when the same thing happened to you, you gonna consider it as a nightmare. So basically, my biggest fear arrived today, when I was sitting having my dinner. Suddenly just one moment I saw this glimpse, all coming back to me, the memory, the time, it was yucks! Painful! It's like thousand knife stab you from behind and that is how worse my biggest fear, my heart beat so fast and around seem like not moving at all. I feel sad at the same time, I feel disappointed, I feel hopeless because I know I can't change it, not even many years. It hurts, hurts so badly. No matter how hard I keep on telling my self this is life but to me life is very unfair.

I still remember, when I was a little baby girl, I keep on dreaming about my wedding, how it gonna look like. Dreaming about my husband, how he gonna look like. Every single things I already picture it in my mind and each time, i keep on redesign my picture as time passes by. It sucks! Until just one day I realize that life is not like what we hope it can be, love can't be beautiful as what we think it will be, I realize that life is not perfection, it's actually imperfection. Imperfection that we have to make it perfect by finding the vice versa of our self, the understanding we have for each other and I realize how hard it will be. Talking and complaining not gonna make any different in this field, move and action is actually what we need and I believe what some people say about love, falling in love is easy but to fall for a true love is not that easy and I believe in some people opinion that not all people we love can actually feel us true, true love. It hurts!

God! Please give me strength so that I can move on

p/s: don't expect things happened like what you plan
p/s: accept it with your heart if that what you choose
p/s: I'm happy with what I have today

January 21, 2011

Kesinambungan (continuity)

21 JANUARY 2011

Sometimes when I speak, some people can't understand me. Which is weird because basically I speak using this two language, either Malay or English. Not like I speak using other language that no one in this country can't understand me but sometimes some people misunderstood me example like my brother, not to say he's stupid, just than it kind off weird on how actually he understand what I'm saying all this while, but who cares about that.

There's another story about this young lady, basically she's single but then she adopted one cute baby boy, he's 1 year now, and he's so cute. I'm thinking about this as well, maybe after graduation and start working I'm thinking to adopt a baby also, because I just like responsibilities, maybe because since I'm in young age my parents keep on giving me big responsibilities or maybe it's just my self. If I adopted a baby and when I'm married and have my own children it gonna be difficult, there might be comparing status and bla bla bla. Kids, you know how they can be.

p/s: please use simple sentence so that people can understand what you're saying
p/s: be a good parents and raise your kids with valuable lesson and please be a fair parents as well