October 31, 2011

Climbing Experience

Hello, I'm Eda incase you might forget, well life never been this better, enjoying my life to the max, today I wanna talk about climbing experience , well I've been doing it for 2 months now and guess what I lost weight, from 53 kg to 47 kg, impressive right? Some say I have the sexy body now, which I take it as a compliment, thanks. Ok, enough talking about me, so this is the story and how it begun, why I choose wall climbing? That I can't tell because maybe it's written by God that by this sport, I'll move forward thinking that everything gonna be ok, and to be honest, it does help me to forget and the other advantage I get from climbing are I'll stay fit, healthy and I can get to meet up with new people, friends and who knows one day lover perhaps, insya'Allah. Why I wanna share my experience with you guys, because it's great, it's good, it helps. I met few peoples who do climbing to forget his/her past, I met people with networking, I get to learn much more about life and I realize that I'm still young to be sad, or to say 'oh no! It's the end of my life' because it's not, I get to meet new people and better people every time climb, I wondered why this sport have not been established yet, because I see some potential talent in climbing that actually can bring up Malaysia's name to the world, I hope one day people realize that other than football, we still have talented people from other sport that can bring up Malaysia's name, I hope. wanna share with you guys few of my climbing pictures, hope you can join me on Sunday every week, see you guys there

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