January 21, 2011

Kesinambungan (continuity)

21 JANUARY 2011

Sometimes when I speak, some people can't understand me. Which is weird because basically I speak using this two language, either Malay or English. Not like I speak using other language that no one in this country can't understand me but sometimes some people misunderstood me example like my brother, not to say he's stupid, just than it kind off weird on how actually he understand what I'm saying all this while, but who cares about that.

There's another story about this young lady, basically she's single but then she adopted one cute baby boy, he's 1 year now, and he's so cute. I'm thinking about this as well, maybe after graduation and start working I'm thinking to adopt a baby also, because I just like responsibilities, maybe because since I'm in young age my parents keep on giving me big responsibilities or maybe it's just my self. If I adopted a baby and when I'm married and have my own children it gonna be difficult, there might be comparing status and bla bla bla. Kids, you know how they can be.

p/s: please use simple sentence so that people can understand what you're saying
p/s: be a good parents and raise your kids with valuable lesson and please be a fair parents as well

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