February 28, 2011

The day the REVENGE stood still

28 FEBRUARY 2011

Ignore the tittle, I just love how it sound, like the day the earth stood still, a lovely movie to me I guess, played by Keenu Reave as the lead actor.

Without you - Mariah Carey

Trust me, I can live without you now because I know you just not worth it to beg for. I already done it lots of time and yea I give up on you, you just a character in my life chapter and now I can just consider you die in a car accident or maybe I can tell the truth that you just left me, with only a reason that you stop loving me. Life is unpredictable, once you were there and now you just gone, you know what is the thing that left behind? Your memory, our memory which I love it because it is just a greatest thing of all I ever experienced in my life, if someone offer me to do memory erase by paying me 10 million, I can simply say no. I know deep, very deep and dark inside my heart I love you but love is not enough when you're not there to hold and I can say that I give up, I give up the time we had, the memories, just to live another day thinking that it's only just a dream that you are coming back because i know you are not. I still can say that I miss you, I miss your touch, I miss everything about you but missing you only gonna stop me moving forward. There's no day I didn't stop to look behind, to see whether you still catching up with me or it's just a day of your shadow. There's no day I stop thinking about I wish I can travel to the past and fix it all up, but too bad it's only one of my thinking. No matter what I do or say, I know you gonna stick to what you already decided and it will never change. I'll leave like what you always wanted, I know I didn't get to say good bye.

p/s: good bye the only love of my life

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  1. Sabar la..
    mungkin die bukan jodoh eda..
    just sabar ok..