February 17, 2011

Suck up day

17 FEBRUARY 2011

Well, such not a good start today, really really fucked up day seriously. Taking my bath earlier and I accidentally cut my leg when I'm shaving it, and actually burn my nose when I'm trying to wear my sunglass where I put it on top of my car dashboard, where my car were parked on the site of the street where the sun stray in. blerghh! Drive all the way to Cyberjaya and all I got is ? ......

I'm so so tired! All I got today was people mad at me, me hurting me! Now being such a loser sitting alone, while trying to tell other people how sad my day is today.

Eating ice cream make me feel better, a while but now I'm like a volcano that can't never be explode! URGHH!! Why I can't explode? because peoples will think I'm such a bitch, where lately people keep on calling me that, am I that bitch?

text my friend, I only got "DISMISS", helping love one, I got "DON'T MENTION TO PEOPLE ANYTHING ABOUT ME", dad called and I got "WHY YOU ALWAYS OUT", mom called and I got SHE HANG UP ON ME!

please do tell me, how more suck my day can be, seriously.

now everyone DISMISS!

p/s: 17 feb, loser day for me!

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