September 24, 2012

Women voice's

When I was sweeping the floor, I came up with this topic, but there's dozen ideas came up at the same time, so I was trying my best to put it on this blog.

Men often calls women weak, but do they actually realize that we're not?

Why? Men perhaps ask

  • Well women gives birth, 70% of the women gives birth more than once. Do men gives birth? No they don't, and 15% of the men will faint for the first time looking at a woman when the time has come to deliver.
  • 20% in the world percentage of single mother raising the kids all by her self, without men in their life, they survive pretty well. 
conclusion: stop calls women weak

Men often calls women complicated, but do they actually when women are complicated?

Why? Men perhaps ask

  • Women being complicated because of men aren't, imagine when there's no proper planning in your family, how will your family turn to?
  • When it comes to feelings, women are always to be blame, do men knows that when women cried, women cried for 10years pain? Women didn't share how she feels, because women do know that men won't understand the problem.
conclusion: is it that hard to even listen?

I don't go against men, I even love one man, but please try to understand our feelings too, we're not asking much, just respect from men. We're not a toy to play with, we have feelings too. We have dignity too, same as men, there's not much different between men and women except the gender, men need women, so do women. Why can't men accept the fact? 

Women are complicated because men aren't, men more to simplicity, in thinking and also planning.
Women are not weak, women shows the weakness because women needs men to protect the weakness, not making fun of it.
Be a man who deserve a woman in your life, not a man who always play around with women hearts.

Women needs gentlemen not a play men

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