September 9, 2012

Cinta itu buta

Isn't you too young to be in serious relationship?

That is what people always told me, try to tell Mr.Love.

What define love? Well if I ask dictionary, the meaning will be;

An intense feeling of deep affection

Isn't it too obvious that you can't control your feelings? Especially love?

Yeah maybe I'm young with my age but I'm old with my experience, somehow.

Someone once told me

Love is not blind, the people are

Well that makes sense, but still, you can't stop your feelings, can you?

Complicated but wonderful

No matter how far you try to run away from love, it will always be around you, don't believe me?

Ok, tell me, do you LOVE your family?
Do you LOVE your husband?
Do you LOVE your self?
Do you LOVE your job?

Can you see the connection?

I'm not afraid being in LOVE because I find it wonderful, even I'm young, I'm trying to learn more about LOVE, what is love, why love, how is love and etc.

You know, the kind of feelings that you never gets when you're all by your self

So stop saying

Isn't you too young to be in a serious relationship


There's no limits in love or a certain age for love

While you have it

Love it, cherish it, appreciate it

Stop judging

I'm sure, you, once fall in love with a young age


Eda Azlan

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